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Are you ready to start your property search with a company that works only for you?  Are you ready to do something more than hope that your next agent is talented and experienced enough?

With us on your side, you can rest assured that we work solely for you, the buyer, representing your best interest and avoiding potential conflicts of interest that are inherent in traditional real estate transactions. This unique relationship built on trust and commitment means that you net the best possible outcome. In this market, more so than ever, it’s in your best interest to use an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.

We work primarily in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro, Southern Durham and Northern Chatham County markets but are eager to assist you in your search throughout the Triangle.


Working with Grau Realty was a smart choice.  I always knew the advice I was getting was unfiltered, honest and in my best interest.  We looked at a number of homes and when we decided on the right one, Jeff helped us line up the appropriate inspections and offered his construction experience to help negotiate the best deal.  We would highly recommend Grau Realty to anyone.

Jim and Heather S., Chapel Hill

We have had an enormously beneficial and successful relationship with Jeff Grau and Grau Realty since June of 2016.  Relocating from Hawaii to the Chapel Hill area was a daunting challenge for us as we had no local experience or meaningful contacts in the area. We relied very heavily on Jeff, not only for his expertise and sound judgement in real estate and construction but on his absolute integrity and reliability.  Jeff Grau has our highest recommendation without qualification.

Pete and Linda B., Chapel Hill

I had no idea that exclusive representation was available.  I won’t think about buying our next home without calling Grau Realty.  The process was simple, the outcome was great.

Rick & Isabelle G., Chapel Hill

It is my great pleasure to express my highest regard for Jeff Grau for his truly exceptional service and work on the purchase of our home in Chapel Hill.  I have been fortunate to have worked with many good realtors in the past 35+ years as a buyer and a seller of 7 properties, and never have I had the privilege of working with one as stellar as Jeff Grau.

Linda S., Chapel Hill

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. Since we were moving within Chapel Hill, our search was non-urgent and highly specific. Jeff worked patiently with us for over 18 months and helped us purchase our current home, which we are very happy with. An additional benefit of working with Jeff is that since he is also a builder he helped us identify potential issues right away. So, when we identified the house (that we purchase eventually) , we were able to move quickly and with confidence. We could not have asked for a better real estate agent and would highly recommend Jeff without any reservations.

Saravan K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple, we represent you and only you in your real estate search.  To understand how this is beneficial to you, you have to understand how most real estate agencies operate.  Typically agencies and agents take listings (represent Sellers) and show houses to prospective Buyers.  In some cases, these firms/agents can act as Dual Agents.  Meaning they can represent both the Buyer and the Seller in the same transaction.  Since a dual agent’s loyalty is divided between parties with competing interests, it opens up the possibility that you as the Buyer would not be properly represented throughout the process.  Sounds tricky, doesn’t it?  We think so too.  That’s why we made the decision to work exclusively with Buyers and make it our corporate policy to not take listings and represent Sellers.

You have the peace of mind of knowing that our loyalty and passion is with you and only you.

There is no cost to you as the Buyer for our services.  Typically, we are compensated by the Sellers which means there is no out of pocket expense to you for our services.

  1. Interview – To find you the right property we want to get to know you.  And by getting to know you we don’t mean just asking “what’s your budget?”.  While certainly important, it’s not often the main reason why people end up buying their property.  We want to find out about your lifestyle, what you do, where you work, etc. to help put together a comprehensive search plan that will lead you to the right property.
  2. Working Agreement – We typically commit you to an initial 30 day working agreement.  We figure that if you’re serious about finding a property, then we should be able to locate a number of contenders within a 30 day window.  If we are unable to do so, then at the end of the 30 day period you can choose to either renew or not renew for a new term.  This is a drastic departure from how many other firms operate.  They want to lock you into an exclusive agreement for as long as possible, to give them time to find a home.  Not happy with their level of service?  Too bad, you are stuck.  With Grau Realty’s shortened agreement cycle, you know we are motivated to keep you and work hard to earn and keep your business.
  3. Search – Within 24 hours of establishing our working agreement, we commit to producing a list of potential properties for your review.  We will then review the list with you and set up appointments to visit those properties that we deem are a potential fit.  At each visit we will review the pros and cons so that we can continue to hone your search requirements.  We will also create customized email alerts and other tools to ensure that you are notified immediately of any new listings that hit the market.  We typically establish appointments for now less than 3 and no more than 6 properties in any given day.

Yes.  We have access to all the same listings as every other office in the area and can show you any listing within the MLS.  We use the MLS system to do initial property searches for you and for comparable sales data when formulating fair market value for a property prior to making an offer on your behalf.  We also use the MLS to create customized email alerts and reports that keep us informed of new properties that are hitting the market that might meet your criteria.

In a word, money.  The most coveted of all transactions for brokers is the elusive double commission.  That is, selling one of your own listings.  The only way to do this is to operate as a dual agent, whereby you can legally represent both sides in the transaction.  Most agencies would shudder at the thought of just acting as a listing agent or just acting as a buyer’s agent.  They think, why give up the potential to make more money?  We believe you can only do one thing at a time really well.  Either you can represent you seller really well or you can represent your buyer really well.  Doing both, given that each party wants what the other doesn’t want (one wants the highest price and one wants the lowest price) means compromising to make the deal work.  We would rather you not take a deal than take a bad deal.